• Up and running in one day
  • Share information any time & any place
  • Easy to use
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PIM Connect - The benefits

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Easily share your product information

PIM Connect provides:

  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Recognition
  • Cost saving
  • Time saving
  • Easy to use
  • Your information any time & any place
  • Actual information
  • Webpage sharing with full product content 
  • Save & print as PDF
  • Standard & certified Perfion connectivity


With the PIM Connect Platform and the PIM Connect App you have full control over the information that you share. The PIM Connect Platform has role management, you decide what can be requested and by whom.

Higher quality, lower costs

  • Share the desired information quickly and up-to-date via the mobile app of PIM Connect. Instantly share product features and media information via email, whatsapp or other apps on your mobile.
  • All product features and available media information directly available from Perfion.
  • The app is fully based on the Perfion standards, so no need to develop your own app.

Everything under control

  • Create roles that determine which Perfion Top and View groups are shown.
  • Create unlimited users and invite users by e-mail. Registering the user and installing the app then runs fully automatic.
  • PIM Connect users are not Perfion editors or readers.
  • Use standard Perfion filters to determine which products and groups are assigned or excluded from a role.

Up and running in 1 day

  • Link a specific Perfion search filter to a role and still manage the output.
  • Decide for yourself which catalog (general, website, channel) and fields you want to use to share PIM information real time. PIM Connect retrieves your product content directly and quickly via the WEB API.
  • Use your own logos in the app and for exports.
  • Determine which basic fields are displayed in the app (content, search and scan).
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