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    PIM Perfion - Pim Connect

    How to use PIM Connect

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    Easily manage your product information and media

    View or share your Perfion® product information easily via mobile with PIM Connect and maintain full control over the shared information.


    PIM Connect is Software as a Service (SaaS) provided by Bluedesk to quickly and easily share Perfion® product content and product assests that is made available on the PIM Connect App.


    The content, images and files are made accessible in a way that is certified by Perfion® and roles and other matters can be managed by the customer administrator.

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    Share information

    The PIM Connect App has the ability to share a 'link to product page' via all 'sharing options' in the iOS or Android environment.


    Instantly share product features and media information via email, whatsapp or other apps on your mobile.


    Public Role

    In order to prevent that a user role with many rights is sending too much information to third parties, the sharing in this case is determined by the 'Public role' and not the role of the user who is currently activating sharing.

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    Easily set up of different roles

    PIM Connect admin panel

    PIM Connect App users can be linked to a role. The user roles are based on the bundled information in a Perfion TopViewGroup and an underlying ViewGroup that can be activated in the PIM Connect customer-admin panel.


    This way you can set up different roles and determine what is shown and may be downloaded per user role.

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