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    PIM Perfion - Pim Connect


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    Any time & Any place

    Your Perfion PIM is connected trough the Perfion WEB API to the PIM Connect platform. This connection regulates all App users traffic. There is only one managed connection to your own Perfiom WEB API.

    Regulated Perfion information

    Setup your own PIM Connect filters in the Perfion application and you decide which product data and categories are available to share with PIM Connect.

    Invite new users

    Assign specific user roles and invite new users trough an automated process of acceptation and download of the PIM Connect App.

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    Controled by PIM Connect

    You don’t need to be a Perfion expert to share your product data. Create different roles for your wholesalers, retailers, e-tailers and more. 


    Create unlimited users and invite users by e-mail. Registering the user and installing the app then runs fully automatic.


    Determine which TopViewGroup, ViewGroup and fields are displayed in the app (content, search and scan).

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