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Share all your Perfion® PIM data with other persons in the most simple way you could imagine. This is possible with the PIM Connect App. The must have app for your Perfion® PIM data. Providing mobile product data gives you the opportunity to provide your organisation, dealer networks and end users with actual product information. Any time & any place!

PIM Connect is easy to set up with your current Perfion® installation in a few steps. You can create different user roles and present the selected data wherever you want. The mobile app is fast. Really fast in use. PIM Connect is the preferred App for Perfion®.

Easily share your product information and media

PIM Connect is Software as a Service (SaaS) supported by Perfion® and provided by Bluedesk.

The product- content, images and files are made managed accessible trough the PIM Connect platform to the App. Different user- and content roles can be configured by the customer administrator. You are full in control with PIM Connect.

View or share your Perfion® product information easily on yourmobile device with the PIM Connect App and share the information in a easy way.

Sharing is caring

Share on different devices

The PIM Connect App has the ability to share a "link to product page" via all "sharing options" in the iOS or Android environment.

Instantly share product features and media information via email, whatsapp or other apps on your mobile.

Public role

In order to prevent that a user role with many rights is sending too much information to third parties, the sharing in this case is determined by the "Public role" and not the role of the user who is currently activating sharing.

You decide which content to share!

Controled by PIM Connect

You don’t need to be a Perfion expert to share your product data. Create different roles for your wholesalers, retailers, e-tailers and go 'sharing the information'

Create unlimited users and invite users by e-mail. Inviated users can automatically install the App and use it directly.

Determine which basic fields are displayed in the app (content, search and scan).

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